Our French/Australian designed spas give you the finest in deep tissue hydrotherapy massage with a focus on specific areas of the muscle-skeletal system. The spacious and ergonomic seating arrangements allow for comfortable positioning whilst in the water with or without the high-pressure water jets on.

Enjoying an ELK spa everyday will bring multiple health benefits, including stress relief, relieving back pain, and a restful night sleep just to name a few.

Simply sit back, relax, and enjoy the comfort of an ELK hydrotherapy massage.


With decades of industry experience, our research and development team is on an ever-evolving path of innovation and technology with the single mindset of bringing to you, an unsurpassed spa experience.The placement of ELK Spas Hydrotherapy Jets ensures not just a relaxing experience, but a true hydrotherapy massage.


ELK Spas Deep Tissue Massage focuses on specific areas of the muscle-skeletal system to reach deep layers of muscles and fascia (connective tissues surrounding the muscles). It can assist in the release of deeply held muscle tension (knots) or adhesion (painful bands of rigid tissue) that can disrupt circulation and cause pain, limit the range of motion, or cause inflammation. ELK Spas Hydrotherapy Deep Tissue Massage can be used for aches and pains, stiff neck and upper back, back pain, sore shoulders, muscle tightness, and to help increase blood flow. Enjoying a deep tissue massage everyday in your ELK Spa will also bring additional health benefits, including stress relief, and help you to get a restful night’s sleep.


Create the ultimate relaxing mood in your spa with ELK’s Roman waterfalls trickling in the background. Coupled with our underwater and perimeter lighting, your ELK spa will take you to the European getaway you have always dreamed of, but right here in your own back yard.


In a nutshell, your insulation is your running costs. ELK Spas understands this, not only offering the standard thermal wrap guard insulation, but also bolstering your spa with 2.5cm closed core foam on your shell and another 2.5cm high density foam on all cabinet pieces, ensuring minimal heat loss during running time and ensuring the most efficient product available.


Uncompromising pursuit of craftsmanship and quality has placed ELK Spas at the forefront of progressive luxury. Thicker shells, the world’s finest American Aristech Acrylic, solid fiberglass bases, reinforced footwells and reinforced frames all add up to a construction standard that exceeds all industry standards.


In addition to Aristech Acrylic’s excellent gloss and colour retention, surfaces are naturally impervious to microbes. The non-porous nature of Aristech’s acrylic  defends against the penetration and subsequent growth of microorganisms on its surface. ELK Spas are shielded against microbes, easy to clean, durable, and do not contain any antimicrobial chemicals, pesticides or similar additives.


Power delivery, reliability and longevity – these are the elements that make up the perfect Controller solution that takes ELK spas to the next level.  With a recognised  world leader in Spa Controller design, the Canadian Gecko Control systems used in all ELK Spas deliver optimal performance and total control, giving spa owners the immediate satisfaction of getting a lot more than what they expect from their spas. Multi-function and multi-feature keypads, 7 keys, colour display and optional touch screen menu-driven interface delivers optimal performance and total control.


The new Gecko K-1000 multi-function, touch screen keypad is easy to use and is the most reliable for today’s spas. Providing you with a bright, full colour display, Gecko’s K-1000 keypad provide you the next generation of innovative technology. The high colour resolution screen provides an unsurpassed user experience, taking using your spa to a new level. With no physical buttons, keys or overlays, this K-1000 touch screen keypad is intuitive, bright and easy to use.


Using new innovative technology, UltraZone enables you to use less chemicals in your spa. UltraZone combines both a Corona Discharge Ozone with a UV Ozone which destroys 99.95% of bacteria’s and water born microbes as the water passes through it.  It also destroys organic matter and chlorine by-products, which are the main cause of eye, skin and respiratory irritations. Every time the spa is filtered, the UltraZone activates and starts to clean and sanitise the spa, resulting in clear, clean hygienic water. UltraZone eliminates any off gases and chemical smells such as chlorine. By using an UltraZone, you can reduce the need for sanitisers by up to 70%*

*Some sanitisers will still be required to shock treat the water.


Gecko In.Touch is the ultimate wireless remote control for your spa – allowing you to control your ELK Spa from your smart phone or tablet. Streamlined from iOS or Android applications, the Gecko In.Touch enables you to control the functions and features of your spa, even if you are away from home. Notifications will always keep you informed on the status of your spa, even when the app is not open.